Olivia Wendel is an artist and textile designer currently based in New Haven, CT. Through scarves, blankets, and pillows, she translates her hand-painted art into functional yet whimsical textiles. Olivia Wendel produces creative, hand-painted textile designs in an industry where digital design prevails. She sees textiles as a way to bring paintings to life, expressing personal narratives using a variety of materials and processes. While figures remain still on flat paper, printing them onto fabric gives them movement and presence. Employing painting as a form of choreography, Olivia Wendel invents figures who dance in a realm somewhere between memories and dreams.



Olivia can be contacted for collaborations and commissions through info@oliviawendel.com. She most recently created an upholstery fabric for Pollack Studio. Read about the design process for Olivia's pattern called Wonderland here.